Diversified Chiropractic Adjustments

Quick, effective thrusts over constricted joints aimed at restoring proper function and range of motion in those areas.

Manual Y-axis Decompression

A lengthening of the spine that involves a quick stretch and release that will relieve pressure and allow the body to begin healing itself.

Flexion Distraction

This unique and gentle technique will use slow, rhythmic movements to offer relief from injured or bulging discs, allowing motion to return to the spinal joints.

Air Pressurized and Manual Drop Techniques

A special table is utilized to work on specific areas where a quick application of pressure is required to restore function and relieve pain.

X-Ray and MRI interpretation and analysis

Dr. Peters is well versed in diagnostic imaging and will order indicated testing as well as interpret results to determine diagnosis and direction of treatment, including referrals when necessary

Dietary and Nutritional Counsel

A comprehensive, ongoing discussion of optimal nutrition and dietary habits that will maintain wellness and lead to a healthier lifestyle

Pregnancy and Infant care

Dr. Peters is able to treat women throughout pregnancy with the use of a special table. It is proven that adjusting misalignments and establishing a balanced pelvis can allow for optimal fetal positioning that leads to easier and safer deliveries for both mom and baby. Postpartum care is also extremely beneficial for mom and baby, including the gentle alignment of the infant to ensure there is no nerve dysfunction. Dr. Peters has successfully treated infants for colic, reflux, and sleeping difficulties.