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Dr. Thomas G. Peters first developed his passion for chiropractic as a patient seeking relief from chronic pain. At only 19 years old an MRI confirmed three large disc herniations in his lumbar region. After several rounds of therapy and injections proved ineffective, life altering back surgery was being discussed as the only viable option. It was then that Dr. Peters began looking for alternative forms of treatment. What he found was that chiropractic care had him feeling and functioning better right away. Dr. Peters soon realized that the body is capable of healing itself when the root cause is treated and spinal interferences are removed. This first hand experience changed the way Dr. Peters viewed pain management and paved the way for him to begin pursuing a career in healthcare.

He successfully earned Bachelor degrees in Biology and Interpersonal Communications. Following this, he completed his chiropractic study at D’Youville College in Buffalo, NY where he interned at a local hospital, providing care to the city’s underserved population. Other experience includes his time at a large suburban clinic that treated over 800 patients a week as well as working at the clinic on campus, providing chiropractic treatment to students and faculty.

Dr. Peters then returned home to Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio to establish roots in our community, where he began practicing. Within 5 short years, Dr. Peters has become a leader in the chiropractic field, where he is always advancing his knowledge and skill while providing the most personalized and effective care to his patients. Dr. Peters and his wife Lisa reside in Boardman Ohio, where they are proud parents to their three children, James, Madison, and Henry.

Dr. Gregory Haylett, DC

Chiropractic Physician

I have always known that I wanted to devote my life to helping people, and for years was in pursuit of determining the best way to do so. While obtaining my undergraduate degree, I expanded my knowledge of the human body and was introduced to the amazing complexities of the nervous system. I learned how through Chiropractic care you are working directly with the nervous system. By working with the nervous system and making sure that it is functioning without interference, I know that I can truly have an impact on helping people be in a state of ease so that their bodies can function to their fullest capacity. The nervous system truly is the beginning of every cascade in the human body and I believe that only Chiropractic is able to work with it in a way to help every individual function to their fullest capacity without interference.

Graduate from Ohio University with a Bachelors of Biological Sciences and a summa cum laude Graduate from Sherman College of Chiropractic.

I aim to continue the tradition of quality, patient-tailored care that has been firmly embedded within this practice. My vision is to educate my patients on chiropractic care and their health, and to provide an opportunity for members of my community to make informed decisions about their wellbeing. I aim to provide care that informs both individuals and the community as a whole on how to invest in their cumulative health and overall quality of life.

My mission is to inspire a lifelong investment in health, learning, and advancement of knowledge in order to strengthen our community. I plan to achieve this by offering straight chiropractic care and to educate my patients on how restoring function grants the body the ability to reach its full potential and promotes healing from the inside out. My vision is that my patients will not only achieve improvements in their health and wellness, but that they will also gain the knowledge to understand this process.

My Why: To improve the lives of those around me through every interaction. In other words, I want to be a positive influence to others whether it is during a conversation or through a chiropractic adjustment

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Leeandrea Shafer

Office Manager, Billing & Coding Specialist

Sophie Baker

Billing & Coding Specialist


Our vision for every patient is to alleviate pain, correct underlying issues, and work toward long term stabilization.

Our mission is to provide high quality and affordable chiropractic care throughout our community.